Saturday, June 25, 2011

Le Diner En Blanc; In Other Words, Dinner in White

Le Diner en Blanc is an elegant dinner activity which was started by Francois Pasquier and his friends over 20 years ago. So far the dinner was not only held in the fanciest parts of Paris such as Notre-Dame, Eifell Tower and Louvre Museum's garden but also in cities like Lyon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Montreal and Zurich. The next one will be finally in New York in August 25th. People who would like to attend this dinner in New York, should enroll to waiting list from its webpage since it will be open only to 1000 people. People who would like to join this dinner don't know where it will happen yet. That's actually a part of Diner en Blanc. Noone knows where it will be at until the last minute. All they know is, it will be an elegant dinner in a public place with no interruption of car or pedestrian traffic. All they have to do is wearing white and enjoying the chic picnic!

Ilustration by Ole'
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