Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After Voyage...

As I got closer to city, I just felt like going back to those roads in the below photo. While I was experiencing the last part of an exhausting road trip, firstly because of some road construction, later on due to a very sad traffic accident caused by a truck, we were stuck on the high way for hours. It was a huge mistake to hope something inspiring from the radio: Stay away from TV, radio, newspapers, internet and even from cell phone, and then be bound to listen all those sad news coming out of radio: mass murder in Norway, young death of Amy Winehouse, earthquake in hometown, death tolls in the accident which we just had to pass by....Hey world, when are you planning on giving a break?

Photo by Ole' - Malatya, Turkey- road to Mount Nemrut
For Turkish please click Trend Kupu.

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