Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here is my new beanie!!!

Actually the following post had to be published last week. I could not post it due to lack of internet connection.
Anyway, what you see above is my new beanie,which i knitted. It's not what i really want but it looks quite good and i like it.
Next time i should use the right needle:=)

"i don't wanna do anything for a long time. Besides that i had no internet connection for a while:( Therefore i could not write anything in the blog. I thought that at least i can do something for the winter , then i took my wool and needles and start to knit a beanie. I'm inspired by Bob Marleys beanie...After finishing it, i am gonna wear it and take a photo. Hopefully it'll be good..."

wish me luck =^_^=

Photos by BuBu
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Danielle said...

i really like the color!

Anonymous said...

Your beanie hat is so adorable! I love that shade of yellow. You're a great knitter! I think I will try to learn how to knit hats- right now I can only knit scarves, hehe :)

Promotional Visors said...

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.B. said...

Danielle: It's my favorite colour:=)

HazelandMare: Thx:=) I'm not a great knitter:=) Thank u very much your sweet compliment...It's very easy to knit a beanie...i am sure that u can do too, just try:=)