Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Details from a New Project

Finishing this one will probably take longer than I anticipated; however I couldn't help sharing the details from the first outcome. There are lots of specialities in Istanbul that I don't even know how to add on this artwork. Fishes are showing me the way ;)

Illustration by Ole' - Istanbul
For Turkish please click Trend Kupu.


Anonymous said...

This is so, so lovely :) Boats are my favorite way of transportation too, that is why I always want to live some place by the water! This is a really beautiful illustration!

miss orange said...

çok beğendim blogunu!=)

Olé said...

@HazelandMare, thank you for your encouraging words! You're very sweet as usual ;)
@ Miss Orange, cok tesekkurler, biz de senin blogunu begendik :)