Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bubu&Ole Proudly Presents

We actually made below illustrations a while ago; however we made sure that gifts were received by their owner before sharing them on our blogs. Dear Burcu wanted to give a special gift her boyfriend for their 3rd anniversary and asked us if we could help her out with that. She sent us some of their photos together and we created below illustrations for her with great pleasure.

First illustration is from Bubu. This cure cute couple unfortunately is in a long distance relationship; therefore Bubu imagined them getting away on a Vespa right when before the roads separated.

Second illustration is from Ole. We also wanted to illustrate their faces closer like in their photos. I also wanted to add a train detail with the hearts going even faster than the train. This train will hopefully make her reach her boyfriend as fast as possible.
Ilusrations by Bubu&Ole
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