Monday, May 5, 2008

optical illusions in fashion

No no, the cute guy in the left is not wearing a tie over a shirt, nor the hot girls are wearing transparent skirts that show their tight hips!

"Just when you thought you didn't have anything to wear at that next dinner party, NerdyShirts comes to the rescue! Zip this hoodie up for that instant dressy-casual look." is how the shirt is being advertised. Very smart, and very cool!
We can buy this shirt along with a lot of other amusing tshirts from Nerdytshirts..

I feel the designer of these skirts run a very different
creative mind, and feel sorry not to be able to inform
you where to buy the skirts that might have introduced your very sexy hips - come on, this is just an illustration! This is just an optical illusion designed to take your breath away, or for you to take others breath away.

-recommended to wear carefully-

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