Tuesday, May 6, 2008

which one is your iGoogle logo?

Google is the most used search engine on earth without any doubt. If the simple and user friendly design of Google bored you, and you need to get more personalized iGoogle page with more functions, here we have the igoogle option. iGoogle has also an interesting option that you can choose your own Google logo that is designed by world-class artists and innovators.

Here are my picks:

Dolce Gabbana http://www.dolcegabbana.com/

Oscar de la Rente http://www.oscardelarente.com/

Diane von Furstenberg http://www.dvf.com/

Nigo http://www.bape.com/

Mads Nørgaard-Copenhagen http://www.madsnorgaard.com/

Fátima Lopes http://www.fatima-lopes.com/

Kristina Tjäder / House of Dagmar http://www.houseofdagmar.com/

Lee, Young-hee http://www.leeyounghee.co.kr/

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