Sunday, August 3, 2008

Newton Machine

"Born in Berlin in 1920, Helmut Newton achieved international fame in the 1970’s while working principally for French Vogue. Renowned for the precision and glamour of his photographs as well as the striking, often controversial scenarios he chose for his models. He photographed women looking powerful, sexually predatory and available."

Like Newton's models, Topshop's customers can also strike a pose and press a button to set lights and camera in action now. Topshop gives their customer the chance to explore their inner model by means of Newton Machine. With this machine, a fashion studio can be arranged without the need of the photographer himself. This way, models can capture the image as they see themselves.

For all Topshop customers in London, Manchester and Dublin are encouraged to wear their favorite Topshop garments and capture their own piece of photographic history.

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