Sunday, August 3, 2008

second hand store by Filippa K

Filippa K is a Swedish Fashion brand coming with a totally new concept for fashion stores. On 1st of July, Filippa K opened a second hand store in Stockholm promoting a longer life product experience for its customers. The store is said to be a part of wider programme of environmental work will be run on a non-profit basis by the company.

In the store, not only second hand garments of Filippa K customers will be sold by a commission, but also collection samples which would interest fashionistas. Filippa K has such a strong statement with the existence of this store: " Our products have a long life, high quality with a timeless design as well as being conscious about the environment."

Images, have nothing to do with its second hand store though. Knowing that none of our posts would be interesting without an image, I wanted to add some photos from Filippa K's prefall 08 collection. One stone, two birds ;)

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