Thursday, October 23, 2008

AW 08 – Elsie Moved in Circles

Inspired by surrealist silent movies and Aztec geometric aesthetics, the new collection, entitled "Elsie Moved in Circles", is born from a 1920s fantasy, when swing and jazz met the city lights of skyscrapers and smoky eyes. Ensembles could be imagined for the starlets of silent cinema.

The art deco shapes of modernist buildings create an Aztec inspired pattern enhanced by lazer-cut leather trims. The collection is subtle in its glamorisation; the soft illustrated digital prints on layered sheer silk cottons are combined with hammered silk, drapey jacquards and wool jerseys. Tailoring hints are embellished with embroidered bows, square buttons and checks like windows, while quilting echoes harlequins and pleats are like the tiers of a building. To be continued...

I discoverd this brand,when i was surfing on the internet. I liked it very much. I hope that you can find something makes you feel like going with your dreams far from yourself.

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