Wednesday, May 27, 2009

how would you like to design your own collection?

We have been posting collections of many of the famous designers, we admire how they ever come up with the ideas and how the ideas turn into actual designs with outstanding results.

Here, i would like to show you how to prepare your own collection.. It may be a lay out for your own style.
This was actually my term project when i was studying fashion and textile design, so please please keep in mind that this is very amateur. lol

First of all , we come up with a theme of the collection.
In this case, i was inspired from Cote d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast ,where i have lived for a month in 2006. The particular inspiration was the below picture, where we see the religious dancer with his own costume made from natural materials.
Then we decide on the fabric and the materials that we will use in our collection. In my case , i have decided to use cotton fabric, flax yarns and sea shells since they all are natural material. My color range was mostly ecru with light beige accessories.

Yes, we finally can start to commit our designs to paper. Here are some of my own design sketches you will see. Of course these are just a few of them i will be posting.

After the sketches ,comes the final draft

With all the ideas now on paper, we can do some actual work now!
Again, in my case , i had the chance for two of my designs to come to life.
After all the sewing, sweating, ironing, rehearsing, i finally reached the end.. ( good to avoid the details here :D )

After all the hard work , we deserve some applause , right?
At the end of our semester , we have shown our designs with a combined fashion show, which was worth all the effort we have given to the project.

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