Thursday, October 29, 2009

H&M Collaboration with Jimmy Choo

Having talked about H&M collaboration with the giant footwear designer brand Jimmy Choo, how about having a glimpse on what's coming up on November the 14th?
1. Suede dresses which remind me '80s disco style- it actually reminds me TopShop style as well, I mean the whole collection with the combination of shinny look.
2. Lots of lots of glitter
3. Leather belts with studs, shoes with studs, clutches with studs, I mean everything with studs
4. Zebra print ;)
5.Black and white with the combination of vibrant colors such as blue, pink and magenta.
6. '80s
7. Will '80s be over? We'll have a look at Summer '10 collections for that.
In a nutshell, I guess this collection is good for a party season with all this shiny materials.

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