Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Are Seven Wonders of Fashion?

Vogue UK made a selection of Seven Wonders of Fash'on 'n 'ts December issue. Some of the items in the list should be "Never Out of Wardrobe" such as pencil skirt (it doesn't have to be particularly pink like the one they picked) but some others can be replaced with a pair of denim pants or a nice, functional hand bag. Probably we are talking about the most subjective subject in women's world. Not to mention, fashion's today can be really different than its yesterday like the stocks market. So who will decide when the seven wonders will be changed? Vogue made its selection is made of the most enduring pieces. Have a look and decide your own seven wonders.
1. Tuxedo Jacket

2. Ballgown
3. Hat
4. Corset
5. Earrings
6. Pencil Skirt
7. High Heels


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