Thursday, June 26, 2008

White eco jeans!

The latest fashion hit for this summer is white jeans. White denim is so versatile; kind of pants that could be worn both on a casual day at the beach and at a cocktail party in the evening. You could wear them with any style of shoes from flip-flops to stilettos.

Recent years people have been much more sensitive about environment. Therefore, they try to produce and consume organic products to be environmentally conscious. Sharkah Chakra is the only denim brand in the world making their all styles from the natural plant extract of indigofera. All of Sharkah Chakra jeans production units aim to care and protect the world. For instance, they work with the simpliest washes, use the least harmful chemicals and they recycle and re-use 50% of the waste water from the finishing process. Their jeans are all hand made in terms of fabric production, sewing and washing. I can not write down all information about Sharkah Chakra jeans here. This is just a small introduction. So if you are interested in this trend, visit their web site to get more information about Sharkah Chakra.

Now let's see some Sharkah Chakra white jeans...

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