Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adam Kimmel 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

The collection inspired, Adam said, by "one of the most original artists of the last 30 years." That's Snoop Dogg. Adam Kimmel's Spring/Summer 2011 collection features silk blends, satin bomber jackets, cashmere sweater football jerseys, light cashmere shirts, and ultra soft cotton twills. Kimmel takes an unexpected approach to the season. To be honest i haven't been too impressed with Adam Kimmel's collection. That's why i gave two out of five.

Kaynak: STYLE


AZEDE said...

That is interesting, i never thought that Snoopy would be anybody muse in fashion. He certainly does have his own style.


.B. said...

Yes,i find it interesting too. I'm agree with you that he has his own style but i do not like Adam's collection.By the way i've looked at your blogg...you're very inspring.I'm gonna follow you.