Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

I am totally in double about this collection. Naturally enough, I have added the outlooks that I loved the most to this blog, however there are some that I just wanted to ignore as well as some that I wanted to share but didn't have enough space.
Colors in this collection is the most upcoming element.Colors: That are vibrant and warm, just like summer itself. We are facing with an explosion of colors as a big contrast to last summer's pale and neutral tones. How about the giant flower accessories in hair, neck and belt? We are used to using their small versions since last summer but obviously coming summer will be these flowers' season. I lovd the mini prints on halter dresses and strapless overalls, giant yellow hat, hair style and make up which remind me those gorgeus Hollywood stars from '70s. The ones I ignored? Saten suits (we had enough of saten in the beginning of the millenum, we still have time for them to come back) and Missoni like striped dresses (Missoni is also doing it ENOUGH, why need to repeat?). Just click below to see the whole collection.


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stells and co. said...

Love the collection! Especially pic #2 with the magenta flowers in her hair...hot!!!